Community chat software

Bowob provides community chat to your users, through chatroom and friend-only chat.

  • Easy setup

  • Fully featured

  • Exceptional performance

Community chat software screenshot
  • Seamless

    Chat-user name, picture, friends and profile are integrated with the user-system of your site.

    Futhermore, in BoWoB control panel you can easily customize theme, language and many more features of your community chat.

  • No server

    BoWoB chat software doesn't use your server resources nor slow down your website.

    We manage the security, infrastructure and updates of your chat website.

  • Simple to

    BoWoB integrates with many CMS softwares through our ready integrations, such us: WordPress chat plugin and Drupal chat module.

    On the other hand, our API allows to easily integrate BoWoB on any website.

  • Extraordinary

    WebSocket is the future of real-time communication.

    BoWoB chat software technology offers a snappy, stable and pleasant chat.